Monday, December 24, 2007

Scope and needs of Bioinformatics

The jobs currently available in bioinformatics involve the design and implementation of programs and systems for the storage, management and analysis of vast amounts of DNA sequence data. Such positions require in-depth programming and relational database skills, which very few biologists possess, and so it is largely the computational specialists who are filling these roles.As the bioinformatics field matures there will be a huge demand for outreach to the biological community to sift through gigabases of genomic sequence in search of novel targets. It will be in these areas that biologists with the necessary computational skills will find their niche.

Programming skills in addition to extensive knowledge of molecular biology packages (GCG, BLAST, FASTA etc.), one will need to learn web and programming skills including HTML, Perl, JAVA and C++ and be familiar with a variety of operating systems (especially UNIX and Linux). Relational database skills like SQL and database application such as Sybase or Oracle will be highly advantageous.


keerthi said...

I have completed my M.Sc in Bioinformatics. Can you please guide me what are the jobs available for this course and how to apply.

Raja said...

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keerthi said...


Thanks for your information. I guess this came from your experience. Anyhow i wish you all the best in ur business

Ravi said...

he he he :-) ... thats the way to answer... very impressive... :-) ... Hey don't worry every field has its importance so put hard try on that and go ahead.... Actually I did my graduation (BE) in Biotechnology but since 2 years am into software field... now am planning to do M.Sc Bioinformatics... from next month am starting off ....

scope of bioseoinformatics said...

this is good that in bio informatics field the knowledge of databases and languages are required but no one can learn all this so can you guide me to make this possible .

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